Membership Information

  Type   Cost Per   Year   Details
  Individual Member

  • Free admission to chapter meetings
  • Eligible for member pricing for offered courses
  • Eligible for discount

  Pay As You Go
  (Also Applies to Sponsored   Guests)

  • No upfront costs
  • $15.00 at door for meetings
  • Courses and other offerings priced at the time     of offering
  • Not eligible for discounts to TBQA members by     third parties like QAI

  (Unlimited Members)

  • Benefits as per individuals
  • Unlimited maximum number of members
  • Only six members have full voting privileges

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Corporate Sponsors:


   President:         Bob Crews
   Vice President:  Pam Ripplinger
   Treasurer:         Paul Zancara Jr.
   Secretary:         Margaret Callaghy
   Director of Programs: John Armenia


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