About QAI Tampa Bay

Our Mission

To provide a location and an environment conducive to information exchange, training, and camaraderie among all those who are interested and/or employed in the software test process in this locality.

The following objectives are believed to be common to both the QAI and the local Associations:

• Promote the IT quality profession locally, nationally and internationally

• Facilitate communication among the members locally in the profession

• Assist those interested in forming an independent local Association

• Share information and concepts about IT quality practices

• Improve competency and recognition of the IT quality professional

• Assist groups of individuals in local areas in forming independent quality assurance associations   and assist these ongoing independent associations in maintaining and building a local   organization

We are always looking to expand our membership. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Tampa Bay Chapter of QAI, please download and complete our membership application.

Corporate Sponsors:


   President:         Bob Crews
   Vice President:  Pam Ripplinger
   Treasurer:         Paul Zancara Jr.
   Secretary:         Margaret Callaghy
   Director of Programs: John Armenia


Chapter Information